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A Primer For Republicans To Use In Explaining Global Warming To Their Leftist Friends and Relatives by Dr. Joel Glass

Book review by Jay Lehr, Ph.D.

Having reviewed for publication well over 500 science books during my professional career, I think I have never recommended one for bed time reading. I do now because this amazingly well researched book is written by a brilliant scientist who is an expert in science education.

In "A PRIMER (a clear introduction) ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING FOR THOSE ON THE POLITICAL LEFT....... OR FOR REPUBLICANS, TO USE IN EXPLAINING GLOBAL WARMING TO THEIR LEFTIST FRIENDS AND RELATIVES," Joel Glass, Ph.D., writes as though you were having a relaxed chat with him, combining detail, comprehensiveness with humor throughout. It’s 438 pages might seem daunting until you recognize that the print is huge and the line spacing such that your eyeglasses may not be necessary.

Glass was born in Illinois but worked all over the world in engineering, understanding socialism and the Nazi tyranny thus recognizing why American capitalism is the best hope for the world. He accomplishes three goals in this book. A reader with no science background at all will easily conclude that man caused global warming is an IMPOSSIBILITY, that leftists, progressives and just plain democrats have seized on the global warming construct as a horse to ride to victory against capitalism and individual freedom, and third that our nation and the world should be preparing for a coming cold period in the next decade or two.

That third goal will appear reasonable to the reader and will emulate the old sports canard that the best defense is a good offense. If we can convince the public that forthcoming cold weather is what we need to prepare for, the fear of Global Warming will likely dissipate.

The book reads like a mystery novel in which the culprits are uncovered to be the Democratic Party, the Global Warming Mob and the Democratic media. In addition he shows how too many scientists are in it for the money from our government and leftist billionaires. To be most clear, Glass proves emphatically with the research and data provided in this book that Climate Change is not about climate but only about accruing money and power.

The book is a primer in the true sense of the word, but while it is a clear introduction to the subject, the reader will feel his or herself ascending a comfortable ladder of knowledge. The author explains the fallacies of the mathematical models or equations intended to show that man is warming the globe with fossil fuels. They have no physical evidence at all, so they create models said to emulate how the physical system works. Then they continually alter the equations or models until they offer the answers they wish, to fool the oblivious with.

The reader will understand the role of greenhouse gases that tends to confuse the the average citizen and then explains that CO2 makes up less than 4% of all green house gases and that man contributes only 4% of that. Multiply these two numbers together and the result is an infinitesimal part of our atmosphere.

Glass shows that global warming lies are so bad, one can often uncover a lie with a simple knowledge of arithmetic. A rarely told story is that the chap who early on promoted the man-caused myth of global warming later recanted his belief in it and was ignored or harangued by the mobs trying to undermine our society.

While Glass has no experience in politics, only science and engineering, he is so convinced that all democrats support man-caused global warming to achieve a socialist nation, at every occasion, he attempts to persuade the reader to vote Republican and convince their friends to do the same. I think he is right. Not a perfect political party but not working to undermine what the founding fathers set up for America.

The book continuously points out in the author’s words “one of the dangers of the global Warming and Climate Change hysteria, is that it is taking massive resources to solve a problem that does not exist”. About a third of the way through the book Glass begins his argument that cooling will be upon us sooner than many think and thus some of the aforementioned funds could be used to insure that we can manage a cooler planet.

The book deals with most of the fraudulent issues bandied about by the global warming alarmists including sea level rise, ice melting, floods, droughts and forest fires. He details the loss of Trumps first Secretary of the Interior who was beginning to properly manage our forests when he was run out of office by a campaign of lies against him.

In 2017 and 2018 remnants of the deep state emplaced by Obama in many government agencies put out hundreds of pages of fallacy claims about our warming climate and its impacts. Glass eviscerates these reports appropriately.

Actual proof of the author’s lack of bias as a scientist is that while the alarmists want to run the world on wind and solar he feels strongly that both have an important role in the world’s energy. He calculates that they can not likely ever exceed 12% of our energy output.

While his research covers well into our current year of 2019 I was amused that toward the end of the book he found a statement that this reviewer had made on TV nearly 10 years ago.

This is an unusually direct approach at educating everyone on one of the most important issues of our time with humor and insight not common in books about science.

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