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Ottawa’s Climate Change and Energy Plans Would Ruin the City and Kill Thousands

October 14, 2022 Zoom Presentation

What will the Ottawa Climate Plan Cost You?


  • The financial cost of the plan will be between $52 billion and $57 billion over the period to 2050. That’s about $52,000 to $57,000 per current resident, or up to $228,000 for a family of four.


  • Much of those expenditures by the City will be front-end loaded; that is $1.6 billion per year to 2030.


  • The money spent on “climate” measures will crowd out the City’s possible expenditures are many other urgent priorities, such as those related to health, education, housing and maintenance of current transportation infrastructure.


  • The city plans to spend almost $1 billion on all-electric buses over the period to 2027, thereby replacing existing buses long before the end of their useful lives with an unproven technology with high risks of failure in winter weather.


  • The proposed requirements for retrofitting new and existing buildings will add at least $100,000 to the cost of a house.


  • Ending all car parking in the downtown core and the Byward Market will probably drive businesses out of those areas, and cost landowners hundreds of millions of dollars.


  • The densification of the City to the goal of 89 residential units per acre will multiply traffic congestion several times and cost each commuter thousands of dollars per year in lost time.


  • Requiring 40% of commercial vehicles (i.e., trucks, taxies, rental cars) operating within Ottawa to be all-electric by 2030 will add hundreds of thousands of dollars to business and personal costs.


  • The move to insecure wind and solar electricity generation will double or triple electricity bills and require many businesses and homes to buy backup-diesel generators to ensure power supplies during brownouts and blackouts.


  • Moving to prohibit natural gas furnaces, stoves and other appliances will deprive people of the affordability and convenience of a superior energy source.

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