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Climate Change: A Convenient Truth, by Jim Hollingsworth

Book review by Jay Lehr, Ph.D.

Jim Hollingsworth has written a concise argument proving that the only disaster which could occur presently from climate change is letting the alarmists convince us to destroy our economy on their behalf.  Fear is the most effective way to control society and there are three groups that practice it.  First the alarmist leaders are mostly angry, mentally disturbed folks who experience schadenfreude (joy from others misery), second are those who believe all the media tells them, and third, those who profit from alarmism.  Hidden in this brief book, which could be your best ever investment of 4 hours of reading time, is the real truth about nearly every environmental scare you are currently acquainted with.

While there are less than 200 pages to read, it contains a library of hyperlinks that can take you to the majority of great in-depth articles and videos that can fill out your knowledge. The author opens early with the explanation of a previous fraud perpetrated on us all.  The acid rain scare about midwestern power plants producing acidic exhaust that would destroy northeastern forests was an everyday story before global warming.  You have heard nothing of it lately because it was an out and out fraud about which the government buried a 600-page report that would have sunk it early on.

Everyone knows that Al Gore’s award-winning movie AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH gave legs to the climate change delusion.  What few realize is all the lies contained therein such as Antarctic and Greenland melting. Inundated atolls, Kilimanjaro devastation, drying lakes, hurricane Katrina, bleaching coral reefs, Japanese typhoons, Mumbai flooding, disappearing Peruvian glaciers, drying Sahara Desert, increasing tropical diseases and mosquitoes climbing to higher altitudes.  My favorite that the author points out is that “no fact in the movie is in dispute”. For this Gore won a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award, which I think says more about the awards than the film.

By Chapter 10 Hollingsworth pulls out the heavy artillery in a no holds barred discussion of Capitalism versus Environmentalism which has become a synonym for socialism over recent decades. He makes the effective case that socialism’s rule, by government regulation, never improves the environment the way capitalism has proven to do. History, Hollingsworth says, “has shown time and time again that the more government is involved in a particular industry the more people suffer”.

On the technical side, the author describes the value of carbon dioxide in more ways than the average reader will have experienced. Of course, we know there is no plant life or human life without CO2, but it is fun reading its value in dry ice, sourdough bread, fire extinguishers and a variety of manufacturing processes.

While we all know that climate alarmism is not about science, but rather politics, Hollingsworth’s scientific arguments against it cannot be matched. In the fewest of words he puts the lie to coral reef bleaching resulting from non-existent global warming and other assorted lies. He explains the damage done by Rachel Carson’s horrendous book Silent Spring.

This book undermines a premature switch to inefficient, undependable and costly renewable energy.  His history of the electric car, more than a century old is surprising and their performance in cold weather hilarious. As he discusses weather extremes and specie extinctions it reads like having a chat with a calm knowledgeable expert that needs no jargon to impress you.

If you think a warming planet has anything to do with increasing forest fires, think again, then think atrocious government forest management, and efficient private forests.

Hollingsworth clearly understands that modern environmentalism is nothing more than undercover socialism. He has the advantage of having written the book after the Green New Deal was introduced in the US Congress as he has used it as a whipping boy to show how egregious it all is.

This small book supplies the reader with a full understanding of the history and benefits of our energy resources from hydropower to coal to oil and natural gas and nuclear power. The book makes clear that solar and wind make no sense as energy sources for our electric grids, but solar panels can be useful for household energy though not without problems that you will learn here.

One day when the anti-capitalist zealots give up on the global warming scare, they will surely find a replacement.  Perhaps it will be ocean acidification which Hollingsworth covers well.

As short as the book is, it still contains wonderful short stories unveiling the whole truth about polar bears, the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and the Exxon Valdez oil spill.


We cannot recommend this book too highly for anyone desiring to clarify confusion about the Global Warming hoax and other false environmental scares.

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