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M.Sc., FIEE, FIMechE, FIPENZ, consulting engineer, Auckland, New Zealand.  

Phone: +64 9 940 7047; mobile: +64 21 978 996

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Bryan Leyland is a consulting engineer with wide experience in renewable energy. He has been responsible for the design of many small hydropower schemes and he has acted as an expert witness for many people opposing wind farms in New Zealand. He also has experience in virtually every other form of power generation–renewable and otherwise–apart from nuclear power. He is a member of the Expert Advisory Group for the world's largest tidal power scheme at Kalpasar in India. The original scheme provided for 5800 MW. Recently, the tidal power component was abandoned because of excessive cost.

His interest in man-made global warming commenced about 10 years ago when he realised that if it were true, it would have a major effect on power generation in New Zealand. Initially, he was inclined to believe it was true, yet the more he studied the subject, the more he became convinced that it was a myth.

Bryan is the 2006 Life Membership Award winner of the Electricity Engineers’ Association (New Zealand). He is a founding member of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition and of the International Climate Science Coalition. He has spoken at many conferences in New Zealand and at the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago in 2010, a excerpt of which may be viewed here.


Mr. Leyland speaks about climate change and energy on Nzone Tonight here.

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