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Ottawan Complains About Censorship in the Debates Between Candidates for Mayor

Complete text of what this person said:

"I’d like to talk about censorship because in the last debate, my question, and other people’s questions were censored by Rogers.
This is a democracy, it’s important for people to have information so that they can make informed votes. Informed Votes.

"If they are censoring people then they are not allowing you to make informed votes.

"The only candidate that was able to answer the questions, candidate McGuire is not here today.

"Everyone here ought to ask themselves: 'Why are they censoring so many questions?' and 'Why are the questions so biased?'

"I was censored from Rogers, go check Rogers, the last debate, and you won’t see me, and so many other questions. You’ll see how much censorship there is.

"Ask yourself why a democracy should have censorship. Ask yourself. Informed voting.
If you’re not informed, you’re not voting properly.

"And I’m sorry that I had to interrupt you guys, but that’s very important."

Here is the text of the question that the man above referenced that Rogers censored out of the previous debate video:

"Fifty-seven point four billion dollars.

"In the first debate, I pointed out that Ottawa, if it reduced its emissions to net zero would only affect the global temperature by one-ten-thousandths of a degree Celsius. And the response I was given was that it’s important because Ottawa would lead the world. And we’re expected to believe that the world is going to follow Ottawa.

"China, the world’s largest emitter, twice that of the USA, has made it crystal clear that they are not slowing down. They are not following Ottawa. They are actually massively increasing, for example, coal consumption.

"So, when essentially no one of magnitude is following us, why is Ottawa expected to pay billions and billions and billions of dollars in expenditures for statistically zero global effect?”"

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