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A common misunderstanding amongst the general public, mainstream media and politicians is that only a small proportion of experts in the climate science community have serious problems with the concept of a carbon dioxide-driven climate crisis. In reality, thousands of climate experts are highly skeptical of this hypothesis.

This fact has been repeatedly demonstrated through open letters, petitions and other declarations.  However, these documents have not had sufficient impact on government policy largely because mainstream media have generally ignored them and so only a minority of the public is aware of their existence. Consequently, ICSC has incorporated the following characteristics into The Climate Scientists' Register to address this problem:


• The Register statement is apolitical, non-commercial and deals with one physical science topic only. Many scientists have been reluctant to endorse past declarations because they did not want to become involved in something they regarded as outside of their professional field of knowledge. Similarly, many potential supporters in the general public, mass media and government have not often cited past open letters for fear of appearing to support their ideological opponents.

• Scientist endorsers from all countries are welcome, thus negating the perception that national interests of any specific nation dominate.

• The Register will include full professional identification of each endorser along with areas of specialization. For endorsers who are willing and able to speak with media, politicians and the public, ICSC will also include detailed contact coordinates. 

• ICSC will carefully vet any and all endorsers, allowing only the most qualified climate scientists to be included.

• No scientist will be listed as endorsing the Register without their specific approval, and any wishing to have their names removed in the future will be accommodated immediately.

• The coordinating organization, ICSC, is a single-issue entity that is, and is widely seen to be, neutral politically, philosophically and financially. ICSC carefully avoids all ad hominem attacks and other logical fallacies. We also maintain strict confidentiality with regards to funders’ identities and critique the comments of those involved in the debate based solely on the scientific accuracy of what they say and our perception of the effectiveness of their strategies. 


For sensible climate policy to triumph, it will require that the vast majority of the public come to regard human caused climate catastrophe concerns as unfounded. This can only happen if we quickly ‘expand the tent’ of supporters of sound, science-based climate policies to include citizens of many different political persuasions, social philosophies and commercial interests. The Climate Scientists' Register does just that by focusing solely on the most important of the climate science topics under debate – is human produced carbon dioxide leading to dangerous global warming, or not?

To help ICSC produce and broadly publicize The Register and its endorsers, we invite donations to "International Climate Science Coalition" to be sent to the address below. 

Media who wish to contact scientists involved in this project may also contact the below.


Tom Harris, Executive Director - International Climate Science Coalition

Suite 203, 900 Lady Ellen Pl

Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 5L5


Tel: 613-728-9200

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